September 2023 Athlete Of The Month

September 2023 Athlete Of The Month

Name: Meagan Pigiaditis 

Age: 33

Occupation: Beer distributor/ Sales rep

How long have you been a member at BBS&C? 4 months

Were you athletic or involved in sports when growing up? I played softball throughout grade school 

Were you working out regularly prior to joining BBS&C? If so, what were you doing? I did barre for 3 years and did workouts at planet fitness.

Why do you workout? I want to be strong and stay healthy.

What is your favorite lift or movement and why? Any squatting especially back squats. Because I do fairly well with these, they build my confidence and I feel strong.

What is your favorite workout or type of workout and why? Leg/quad focused days are the best.

What have you accomplished as an athlete (big or small) during your time at BBS&C? I have progressed in many ways and I’m consistently doing movements and workouts that I never imagined I’d be able to accomplish. I’m now back squatting 165 lbs. that’s wild for a tiny person who’s never really lifted heavy before. 

What fitness goals do you have for the next year? Unassisted pull ups and cleaning up my snatches.

How has your fitness influenced and/or impacted your life outside of the gym?  Overall after coming to Baltimore Built, I feel a lot more confident and feel like I can be more willing to go out and try new things. And it’s really cool when my friends and family told me that I look strong and happier and healthier.