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“Lessons from the Cave: the clean” by Alejandra Morisi

Last year I started a series of blog posts titled “Lessons from the Cave.” It’s meant to be blog posts with lessons that I’ve gleaned from specific movements and exercises that I’ve done at CrossFit Baltimore. I decided to start… Read more »

“Lifting my grief” by Alejandra Morisi

My father died recently and there are days when I really struggle with my grief and the heaviness of my sadness. What seems to get me the most is the absurdity of it all…the fact that someone existed in my… Read more »

“Stop the Hangovers!” by Alejandra Morisi

As most people do, I took a bar prep course to get ready for the bar exam. The exam is two days long and, on the second day, you take a 100 multiple choice question test in 3 hours. When… Read more »

“Fight the bullsh*t!” by Alejandra Morisi

I’ve been wanting to write something about this quote for some time. The topic keeps coming up during conversations and I come back to this quote because it is  so true. For a long time I thought that change naturally… Read more »