CrossFit Athlete

December 2019 Athlete of the Month

Name: Lizbeth Diaz      Age:  44 Occupation:   Self employed Length Of Time CrossFitting: 6 months Favorite Lift and Why: Deadlift. It works my entire body and it’s the most weight I ever see on the bar while lifting. Favorite WOD and… Read more »

“Lifting my grief” by Alejandra Morisi

My father died recently and there are days when I really struggle with my grief and the heaviness of my sadness. What seems to get me the most is the absurdity of it all…the fact that someone existed in my… Read more »

January 2019 Athlete of the Month

Name:     Andrew Kratz Age:  35 Occupation:   Electrician Length Of Time CrossFitting: 2 and a half months Favorite Lift and Why: Clean and jerk. It’s a complex lift that hits several different muscle groups at once. My form still needs… Read more »

September 2018 Athlete of the Month

ATHLETE OF THE MONTH Name: Dávid Szabó Age: 28 Occupation: Overhead lineman at BGE Length Of Time CrossFitting: A little over a year Favorite Lift and Why: I would have to say deadlifts. Love deadlifts because its a simple and less technical… Read more »

August 2018 Athlete of the Month

Name:     Megan Thrasher Age:  27 Occupation:   Personal Trainer Length Of Time CrossFitting: 1 1/5 years Favorite Lift and Why: My favorite lift would be the snatch because I love the complexity of the lift  and how it challenges me… Read more »