Built Kids

Strength and conditioning for kids?

Yes! We have a specially designed fitness program dedicated to the health, wellness and happiness of kids. Our Built Kids program will focus on developing your child’s athleticism while having a blast.

Why Built Kids?

Aside from the physical benefits of exercise, your child will have the opportunity to develop confidence, leadership, integrity, teamwork, social skills, and community involvement. Learning healthy habits at a young age will have a long lasting, positive impact on their future. It is also a great outlet for all that energy! While we encourage all of these skills, FUN is our main priority!

What to expect?

Built Kids is a well rounded strength and conditioning program that teaches functional movements in an accepting and encouraging environment. Built Kids uses a combination of skills, workouts and games to build strength and coordination. Your kids will develop these skills through the performance of gymnastics, weight lifting, body weight movements, running, jumping rope and more. We will teach your kids the 10 basic physical skills to prepare them for any sport or physical activity that they may pursue.

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