January 2024 Athlete Of The Month

Name: Katie Cavanaugh

Age: 29

Occupation: Community Supervisor at Baltimore County Rec & Parks

What brought you to Baltimore Built? I shopped around for weightlifting classes and BB topped everyone. All of the coaches are very knowledgeable and hands on. The classes are small and can be modified for every skill level. Everyone is very positive and encouraging. It’s a great environment and you get alot for what you pay for. 

How long have you been a member at Baltimore Built? Almost 4 months

Were you athletic or involved in sports when growing up? If so, what sports and or activities did you participate in? I played rec basketball, soccer, softball, lacrosse, and field hockey. I played lacrosse and field hockey in high school. I played field hockey (goalie) in college. I have played competitive field hockey all over the US and in Italy. I have 6 years to decide if I want to try out for the masters team and play worldwide.

Were you working out regularly prior to joining Baltimore Built? If so, what were you doing? I belonged to Planet Fitness, but couldn’t hold myself accountable for regular workouts. I used the machines and dumbbells to work different muscle groups.

Why do you workout? To get stronger and feel better physically and mentally. I want to take care of my body and create long term healthy habits.

What is your favorite lift or movement and why? Power cleans because you use your entire body during the movement. The explosive movement makes me feel strong.

What is your favorite workout or type of workout and why? I enjoy strength and HIIT. I used to run for cardio and can’t seem to get back into it. I enjoy BB workouts that have strength progressions, cardio mixed in, as well as transition weeks to get the best of both worlds without getting bored.

What have you accomplished as an athlete (big or small) during your time at Baltimore Built? Since I am only 4 months in, I am constantly hitting new PR’s. I am excited to learn better form, especially for RDL’s, since I hurt my back in college while lifting. I was scared to try them again, but now use straps which help alot!

What fitness goals do you have for the next year? I want to increase my lean muscle/reduce body fat, while reaching new PR’s. I just started back up and am excited to see what #’s I can hit in my first year. I would like to reach my college PR’s (RDL 160# and Back Squat 225#).

How has your fitness influenced and/or impacted your life outside of the gym? I have much more energy during the day. I am also stronger and can move equipment at work as well as push my motorcycle around by myself finally.

What hobbies and activities do you enjoy outside of the gym? Hiking, going to the beach, riding motorcycles & four wheelers, going to hockey games, staying involved in the community, exploring new places, spending time with friends & family.