October 2022 Athlete Of The Month

Name: Kayla Moore

Age: 29

Occupation: Restaurant manager 

How long have you been a member at BBS&C?

13 months 

Were you athletic or involved in sports when growing up? 

Absolutely not. 

Were you working out regularly prior to joining BBS&C? If so, what were you doing?

I started working out regularly about 7 months prior to joining BBS&C. I was mostly doing cardio classes with a little bit of weight lifting. 

Why do you workout?

I workout to be healthy and strong, to have more energy, to help with my anxiety and depression, and most importantly because I really like to eat lol. 

What is your favorite lift or movement and why? 

My favorite lifts are deadlifts and the bench press. I like deadlifts because they help me a lot with real life movements like picking up a box at work without hurting my back. Bench pressing just makes me feel cool. 

What is your favorite workout or type of workout and why?

I really like AMRAPs because I feel like I’m competing more with myself. Whereas, for time workouts I don’t enjoy always coming in last, so I feel like I’m competing more with everyone else. 

What have you accomplished as an athlete (big or small) during your time at BBS&C?

I think my biggest accomplishment is the improvements in my back squats. I started out having to squat to a box because my squat mobility really sucked but since working on it, it has really improved. Also, squatting with the barbell on my back gives me a lot of anxiety. So, I’m proud of myself for continuing to work on and getting better at back squats. 

What fitness goals do you have for the next year? 

I really want to get one strict pull up. Also, now that my back squat is improving, I want to focus on my overhead squat mobility. 

How has your fitness influenced and/or impacted your life outside of the gym?

Fitness has greatly decreased my joint pain. Which is something that I had seen four different doctors and specialists over the years to try and get taken care of but they had no clue what was wrong. And fitness has given me energy to be able to play with my children. Before I started my fitness journey I would come home from standing all day at work with a lot of joint pain and no energy. So I would just sit on the couch until bedtime. Now I am able to go to work, go to the gym, and still have the energy to take my kids to the park. That was unimaginable for me beforehand.