Staying Fueled & Salty

Hey Athletes!

Have you heard about the new nutrition products we’re offering at Baltimore Built?

If you haven’t, here’s the scoop.
We’re now offering Fuel For Fire smoothies and LMNT Electrolyte mix!
As an athlete, how you fuel your body is incredibly important. Your nutrition impacts your performance, recovery, body composition, health and longevity, just to name a few! These products were hand-picked to support your pre- and post-workout nutrition optimization.
Fuel for Fire is a portable protein smoothie. Here’s why we love it:
• Simple ingredients (mostly fruit and whey protein)
• Easily digestible
• No added sugar
• Portable
• Balance of carbs and protein to support performance and recovery
When To Use:
Well, really anytime! But here are some specifics 


If you aren’t in the habit of eating a meal within 2-3 hours or a snack within 60-90 minutes of your workout (looking at you 6 and 7:30AM!), these are a great option to pick up as you’re heading into class. Short on time or nervous about eating before a workout? Try downing 1/2 before and 1/2 after your workout.
Ideally we’re getting carbs and protein immediately post-workout to start the recovery process. If you struggle to get in a meal or snack within an hour of working out, these are a great option to hold you over until you can get to a more complete meal.

Between Sessions:
If you’re someone who hits the Built work after class and needs that extra hit of energy between sessions, this is a great option for you too!

These are gluten free and contain whey protein for those of you with food sensitivities and preferences.
Here’s their website for more info:

Did you know athletes actually NEED sodium (and other electrolytes)? While salting your food can help, including an electrolyte supplement in your daily routine can help you maintain adequate hydration, especially as we head into the warmer months! Electrolytes help maintain optimal fluid balance to support energy, prevent cramps and replenish minerals lost through sweat. Why we chose LMNT:
• Evidenced-based dose of sodium, potassium and magnesium
• Customizable taste (use more or less water depending how concentrated you like it)
• Single serving, portable packets
• No added sugar
When To Use:
During a Workout:
Ever see the Athletic Trainers on the sidelines of a football game squeeze liquids into a football player’s mouth? They’re likely getting a hit of a Sports drink that contains electrolytes to keep them hydrated and performing well. Research shows performance begins to decline at a 2% weight loss from sweat (i.e., 100 lb person loses 2 lbs from sweating). Try sipping on some between warm up sets, before starting the WOD.
After A Workout:
The primary goal of electrolyte supplementation is to restore fluid balance caused by exercise-induced fluid losses. Post-workout is the most important time to replenish so drink up!
LMNT Electrolyte Mix is gluten free for those with sensitivities and/or preferences.
Here’s the website for more info:

As always, reach out to a coach if you have questions or are interested in receiving individualized nutrition coaching from one of our nutrition coaches!
Happy fueling!