August 2020 Athlete Of The Month

Name: Jessica Reinstein (Garner after August 14th)

Age: 31

Occupation: School Psychologist

How long have you been a member at BBS&C? 3 months

Were you athletic or involved in sports when growing up? Not at all! I did dance for a few years but was much more of a “watch and cheer for my friends playing sports” kind of kid. 

Were you working out regularly prior to joining BBS&C? If so, what were you doing? I got really into distance running about 10 years ago and did many half marathons and the Chicago Marathon in 2016. After an ankle injury in 2018 running took a back seat and I started to explore other types of workouts including lifting weights (which I had hardly touched before). I worked out with a trainer for about a year prior to Covid but when working out on my own, I still mostly stuck with cardio. 

Why do you workout? I started working out to lose some weight, but it has become much more than that for me! As a school psychologist, I am very data driven when it comes to looking at progress over time. I am LOVING tracking my progress on different movements and being able to see my growth over a short period of time! This really motivates me to keep working out!

What is your favorite lift or movement and why? Deadlifts. I always leave feeling incredibly strong after doing these and have noticed fast progress with being able to increase my weight with these. 

What is your favorite workout or type of workout and why? I enjoy the EMOM type workouts. They always go by so quickly but I am exhausted by the end. I like being able to do so many different movements in one quick workout!

What have you accomplished as an athlete (big or small) during your time at BBS&C? It’s been a long time since I’ve been so consistent with working out and BBS&C has made that super easy! I have gotten much more comfortable with getting out of my comfort zone by lifting heavier weights, jumping higher, and trying movements I’ve never even seen before!

What fitness goals do you have for the next year? I would be thrilled to RX any one WOD! And stringing together some double unders…

How has your fitness influenced and/or impacted your life outside of the gym?   The confidence I have gained from the gym has carried over to other aspects of my life. Staying consistent with fitness has also helped in keeping me consistent with other healthy habits like eating and sleeping.