March 2020 Athlete Of The Month

Name: Tina Carter

Age:  45

Occupation:   Director of Operations 

Length Of Time CrossFitting: 4.5 years

Favorite Lift and Why? Deadlift, I feel the strongest!

Favorite WOD and Why? No real favorite, I like thrusters! 

Goals for the Next Year? There are a few, SHSP and consistent C2B.

How has CrossFit Impacted your Life? Before CrossFit, my fitness regiment consisted of global gyms and boring repetitive workouts. Then, I found a Bootcamp style class that I attended every morning, which satisfied my desire for varying diverse workouts. I’ve never really considered CrossFit until my sister asked me to attend a class with her! After that first class, I was hooked! CrossFit has really impacted my life, not in just the fitness aspect, but just my overall lifestyle and health. I never imagined how strong I could be, but I am in the best shape mentally and physically of my life from CrossFit!