February 2020 Athlete Of The Month

Name:     LJ House

Age:  30

Occupation:  Civil Construction Field Engineer  

Length Of Time CrossFitting:  5 Months

Favorite Lift and Why? Bench Press.  I like the way it makes my chest and arms feel after lifting.   

Favorite WOD and Why? 10 Min Amrap of: 10 Strict Pullups, 15 DB push press, 20 burpees.  It’s a good shoulder workout. I enjoy being able to work on my banded / strict pullups in a class atmosphere. 

Goals for the Next Year? To continue to push hard every day I’m in the gym and not hold back. I would like to be able to back squat 300lbs 1 rep max.  When I 1st started CFB, I was 220lbs and now I’m190lbs, so by next year I would like to be a strong but lean weight of 165lbs for a total lost of 55lbs. 

How has CrossFit Impacted your Life?  CrossFit has impacted my life in a fantastic way.  I’m able to have self-control over food intake and quantities.  CrossFit gives me the push I need, and I love being in the environment.  The joy of being in the CFB gym after work is a feeling that you can’t find at just any gym.  I enjoy being able to see small progression over time. I look forward to 8pm to see tomorrow’s WOD.  Before I felt like I had to work out but now I want to.