January 2020 Athlete Of The Month

Name: Jacob Priller

Age:  19

Occupation:   Student

Length Of Time CrossFitting: 6 Months 

Favorite Lift and Why? Snatches. Snatches was by far the hardest lift for me to learn and progress, but I like that it motivates me more and more to get better and stronger. 

Favorite WOD and Why? EMOMs. No matter what, it’s a challenge between you and time with little to no breaks and as each minute passes it gets harder.  It’s a test to see what you’re made of and how bad you want it. Which, in my opinion, is the fun part. 

Goals for the Next Year? To get stronger and compete in competitions. 

How has CrossFit Impacted your Life?  Crossfit has done a 180 on my life. A year ago I was obese, depressed, felt hopeless and was on the verge of being  pre-diabetic. Ever since I did the nutrition challenge at the start of June nothing but great things have happened to me. Crossfit gave me a chance to start over again and redefine who Jacob Priller really is … a humble, hardworking, certified Badass.