October 2019 Athlete Of The Month

Name: Liz Hipple

Age: 27

Occupation: Physical Education Teacher 

How long have you been doing CrossFit? 3 months

What is your favorite lift and why? The clean because it’s a new movement for me and I have progressively gotten stronger at it. I like how you need power, speed, and balance to get a good catch under the bar. 

What is your favorite wod or type of wod and why? Believe it or not, I like the wods that are longer; like 20.2. It not only challenges you physically, but it challenges you mentally. It forces you to think about a game plan and not necessarily focus on how fast I can move, but how I can most efficiently move. It makes you realize that the mind will fail first, not your body, so the trick is to make your mind work for you not against you; forcing you to remain calm. 

What are some of your goals for the next year? I hope to be able to rx most if not all the movements and workouts by the open next year. 

How has Crossfit impacted your life? It has improved my overall being. I have become a better athlete, coach, teacher, and person. I have gained an incredible amount of strength physically and mentally. I have also gained confidence in my abilities and am able to celebrate the small victories along the way of achieving my long term goals. The highlight of my day is going to crossfit because it doesn’t matter what went on outside the doors, but the minute you step inside your surrounded by people that have the same goal as you to become a better version of themselves everyday and positivity. The only regret I have now is not joining sooner