September 2019 Athlete Of The Month

Name: Richard Szabo

Age: 26

Occupation: Software Test Engineer

Length Of Time CrossFitting: 5 months

Favorite Lift and Why? I love power cleans! I’ve always liked them since high school, yanking a packed bar from the ground with all you’ve got as high as you can and then pulling yourself under the bar quickly, finally feeling the buzzing shake of the bar as it lands and settles on your shoulders just feels so damn good. Its a lift that requires care and good technique to keep it safe, but it’s also a pure brute strength lift that uses your whole body.

Favorite WOD and Why? I really like EMOMs, there’s a rythm to the workout that sets you into a mental state of “what’s next?” It gives you just enough time between movements to keep your mental state riled up for the next set.  

Goals for the Next Year? I have been dealing with a suite of injuries for a while, my goal is to get my body back to a good baseline, strong and mobile so that I can finally tackle workouts without much pain and be able to do the things I love.

How has CrossFit Impacted your Life? It brought a bunch of awesome people into my life, a lot of people to look up to as well. Seeing people face “who they can be” every day. It definitely has made my weekdays very busy, but it never feels like a chore or a nuisance. I seriously love the challenge it puts my mind and body through, it’s a mental stretch I desired and have been missing since not playing competitive sports. So CrossFit has definitely been something I “get to do” and not have to do. It has been a gift.