“A lesson learned” by Cathy Cruz

An Origin Story and Lessons Learned:

I’d never wanted anything more in my 17 and 6 months of life on earth. 5:49 in the mile would mean that all the hard work I put in during the summer after my junior year, the extra miles run after practice in the fall, the early nights and mornings would mean something. There was just one problem, a few weeks prior to the last meet of my high school track season I sprained my ankle so badly that I needed to use crutches for at least a week after. By the time I was able to run again, I wasn’t fully healed, my confidence was shaken, and a freshman who’d been on my tail all season had started to make her move toward breaking the school record of 5:50 in the mile. I didn’t get it then.

Fast-forward 6 years and you’ll find me breathless with barely-human sounds billowing from somewhere deep within as I look down at my watch and see…I did it. I broke the record. 5:48 for the mile. I had worked for months, running in scorching heat and humidity, and sometimes in the dark. Older, a little heavier, and maybe a little obsessed, I made it happen for myself. I just couldn’t let it go through all those years. And that stubbornness to push through, without knowing if I’d ever reach my goal, led me to crush it. I just had to wait a little longer and work a little harder for it.

I’d say it was worth it.

The experience of pursuing my goal years later, after injury and without knowing if I’d reach it, meant that I had to rely on my belief that hard work would be my best shot. Life happens, but we have to make the choice to push past uncontrollable circumstances and the cards that we’re dealt to work for what we want. In the end, I knew that I did my best both times and, because of that, breaking that record meant so much. I don’t think that I would’ve appreciated that lesson at 17+ years old.

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