July 2018 Athlete Of The Month

Name: Sarah Woodman (But you can call me Cora)

Age:  26

Occupation: NIH Transgenic Breeding Assistant   

Length Of Time CrossFitting: 6 ½ years

Favorite Lift and Why: Snatch! Like you even had to ask.. It’s such a complex, difficult movement but SO FUN! There is no better feeling than catching the bar in the bottom position and knowing you nailed it! I love the physical and mental challenge!!

Favorite WOD and Why: I think there’s something fun about every workout (yes, even running as much as I hate to admit it…) but my favorites are anything with heavy barbell cycling or long chippers! I love a grind where I can zone out, throw some weights around, and just do some work!

Goals for the Next Year: Gymnastics has always been a huge weakness for me so I’d love to finally get a muscle up! The Baltimore Built accessory has been really helpful for my little T-Rex arms so hopefully it’s close!

How has CrossFit Impacted your Life?  I feel like I could write a book series about that but I’ll try and keep it short! CrossFit has taught me so much about myself and life and helped make me a better, healthier, more confident person! I have such a great appreciation for what my body can do and I’m thankful for it everyday. I’ve also met some of the most incredible, kickass, hard-working people through CrossFit that inspire me to want to continue to grow and be the best version of myself inside and outside of the box. No other place has had such a positive impact on me like CFB and I’m so blessed to be a part of this amazing community!!