April 2018 Athlete Of The Month

Name: Kyle Gregg

Age: 29

Occupation: Mechanical Engineer  

Length Of Time CrossFitting: 6 months

Favorite Lift and Why? Thus far, the clean has been one of my favorite lifts because it requires explosive speed, strength, coordination, flexibility, and balance. Fall short in any of those departments and you miss your lift. I also enjoy cycling cleans as it adds another dimension of difficulty to get the bar back to the floor efficiently.

Favorite WOD and Why? Lately, WODs involving rope climbs, box jumps, rowing, or anything letting me use my height to my advantage (not burpees or deadlifts!). Also, WODs for time, as there is an end in sight; you just have to get there! AMRAPS are a mental game that I have to work on.

Goals for the Next Year? I want to really work on being able to link double-unders and chest to bar pull ups. Gain mobility in the front rack position so my wrists don’t snap off. Get my squats into the 300s and perhaps consider the idea of enjoying thrusters.

How Has CrossFit Impacted Your Life?  As a 9-5 desk jockey, I’ve struggled to find a healthy balance in life and the motivation to keep myself in shape. In college, it was easy to find the time to hit the gym for 1-2 hours on a regular basis. Once ‘real life’ started, fitness was a serious battle. Up until last October, I practically gave up and succumbed to the aches and pains of desk life.  My wonderful girlfriend, Andrea, took matters into her own hands and signed us for Fundamentals as a birthday surprise. And after 6 months, I can honestly say that I feel as if I’m in the best shape of my life. Crossfit has not only provided me a way to improve my fitness in all aspects, but also gave me something to look forward to everyday. Thank you CFB!