“Level Up” by Alejandra Morisi

It’s a little bittersweet that it’s the last week of the Open. The other day, Dom was asking us if we were ready for it to end or if we would like for it to go on for another 5 weeks. I said that I was ready for it to be over. Lol. But, really, it’s because I’m so excited about working on all of the weaknesses that the Open has exposed for me. I’m eager to get started.

I had this conversation with Tony in which we assessed each Open WOD. I told him that I was looking at each WOD and identifying the one thing that could’ve taken me to another level. What was the one movement that, if I was better at it, would’ve gotten me another round or more points?

I equated it to video games where, if you have something, you can make it to the next level. Admittedly, I’ve never played a lot of video games. I have no idea why I was making that connection. I did play Super Mario Bros., though, and I actually reached out to my brother as I was writing this. He played a lot more than I did. I asked him to remind me of what you needed to level up in that game. He texted, with no hesitation, “You needed stars to be invincible, you needed coins to get lives. You needed a mushroom to get bigger. A leaf to fly. A turtle shell to become a turtle. And you could ride Yoshi to eat your enemies. Lol. You just needed to be alive to move on to the next level.”

Anyway, back to the Open WODs. Looking at them and identifying what held me back helps me see the “holes in my game.” My blind spots  and weaknesses. What was the one thing that would have “unlocked” the next level for me? So, I’ve started this list based on each of the workouts and I’m ready to get after it. And I am committed, guys…THESE THINGS WILL NOT HOLD ME BACK IN 2019. I promise! I invite all of you to do the same, reflect on your efforts and make a list of things to get after this coming year. I’m available and interested if you’d like to share your list with me!

Thankfully, like the game, we just need to be alive to move on to the next level…which is more like “staying in the game” in real life. Keep showing up. Keep looking for opportunities to grow and gain new skills (that mushroom, that leaf…). It is these things that will take you to another level.