“There’s More” by Cathy M. Cruz

2017 was the year I’d finally complete an Open Workout RX. That was last year’s #1 goal. Goal #2 was to compete healthy. Well, that didn’t happen, but I did what I could with a bum shoulder to finish as many of the workouts as I could, as prescribed.

And then there were dumbbells.

Before 17.1, I’d never power snatched a 35# dumbbell. I went into that workout almost certain I wouldn’t finish. That night after the wod, I posted on FB that 17.1 was definitely in my top 5 hardest crossfit workouts I’d ever done.

Today I was reminded of Open Wod 17.2. Yup, more dumbbells. I couldn’t wait to be rid of these damn things.

Before 17.2, I’d never done walking lunges with two dumbells at all! The struggle was SO real during this wod, where every element was a challenge. 50 feet of front-racked, walking lunges with 35# dumbbells, 16 Toes to Bar, and 8 dumbbell power cleans was asking a lot of me mentally and physically. I didn’t do well, but I knew going in that this workout wouldn’t favor any of my strengths.

Fast forward to today, almost a year later where we saw 4 Rounds of front-racked walking lunges paired with double-unders in today’s WOD.

I stood with the Dumbbells at my feet somewhat nervous because I hadn’t done these in a year. I flew through the first round with 25ft and thought, “Okay, maybe I’m a little fitter than I was last year”. Don’t get me wrong, this workout still sucked because having to jump after weighted lunges isn’t “easy”, but I didn’t totally fall apart.

Do I always wish I did better? Yes. I’m my own worst critic, and always have been. There are few times I walk away from a workout totally satisfied. I could always be faster, move better, lift more, or take less rest.

When I look back, though, I have to focus on the fact that I HAVE gotten better. When I think about that, I’m excited for what’s to come in the next two weeks. I’m looking forward to the possibility of new PRs or AHA! moments to remind me of why I GET to do this.