December Athlete Of The Month

Name:  Mohammad Jafarnejad

Age:  30

Occupation: Research Scientist at Hopkins

Years CrossFitting: 3 months

Favorite Lift and Why:

Snatch – It is the hardest and most technical lift in my opinion. Snatch plays with the mind, body and soul (if you believe in one). A small misplacement of the bar over the head and you got yourself a failed lift. Snatch is my lightest of five lifts (understandably), but make no mistake, it is the most challenging of them all. I guess I like snatch because it is the one that I need most progress in, and it is the one that makes me happiest when I make a successful attempt.

Favorite WOD and Why:

I like most of the strength-cardio hybrid workouts. The cardio makes me breath hard going into the weights, which helps me getting to that dark place that coaches always encourage us to go to. Also, I like the death by … WODs (such a cool and well-deserved name). It is fun for me to see when I would hit the round in which I have to push to reach the next round. And then I realize that this is it, I must go all out.  

Goals for the Next Year:

Other than losing some weight and gaining muscle mass, I would like to be able to hit all the WODs in RX weights and movements. I like to get better at those body weight movements that I am often struggling with in the WODs. I realize that there is a long way ahead, but I am down for it with the support of Samira, coaches and the CFB family.

How has CrossFit Impacted your Life?  

The positive impact is an endless list: feeling of improved strength, flexibility and stamina, better posture, elevated confidence, meeting awesome new friends, being part of a fun and supportive community, etc. Perhaps establishment of a consistent routine in the morning is on the top of my list of positive impacts from CrossFit. The 6am group has been very supportive. The feeling of early morning accomplishment is super rewarding, and I believe it has reduced my self-imposed mental pressure. When I get to work I know that I have already done a positive thing today even if I do not progress in other areas, which more often than not I end up focusing better and getting more work done. Also, I have been able to spend more quality time with my lovely wife at the gym .