June’s Athlete Of The Month

Name:  Maria King                    

Age:  36

Occupation:  Teacher

Length of Time CrossFitting: 6 years

Favorite Lift/Movement and Why?  Push press, push jerk and deadlifts. I feel the strongest when I am doing these lifts. 

Favorite Workout/Type of Workout and Why?  I like workouts that incorporate barbell movements because they are the most fun!  I love Grace because it/she is short and sweet.  Fight Gone Bad is another classic that I love because of the variety of movements.  Both of these are full body workouts that always leave my completely spent!

Goals for the Next Year?  Pull-ups!  I want them so bad!  And better Double Unders.  I have wanted to improve on these for years!  This is my year.

How has CrossFit Impacted your Life?  CrossFit has completely changed my life.  Prior to CrossFit, I had never done anything athletic.  CrossFit has given me so much more confidence because I know how strong I am.  It has shown me that I am capable of things I never thought I could do.  Crossfit has brought out my physical AND mental toughness.  I adore CFB and my coaches!  It is truly an honor to be this month’s athlete of the month!