March’s Athlete of the Month

Name: Kala Fryman  

Age: 30  

Occupation: Senior Evaluator of international education credentials  

Length of Time CrossFitting:  I’ve officially been CrossFitting since 2014; however I took a couple of lengthy breaks from CrossFit while in between gyms.  

Favorite Lift/Movement and Why? While at CFB, I’ve grown to enjoy overhead movements, especially the split jerk. I used to be really afraid and felt unstable while doing overhead lifts, but CFB’s awesome coaching helped me build confidence with these lifts and move weight that I would have never thought possible for myself.  I also enjoy wall balls!     

Favorite Workout/Type of Workout and Why?  Call me crazy, but I like chipper WODs because you just set a pace and grind through each movement without having to go back and start everything over again (this is why short AMRAPs stress me out sometimes, ha ha).  I also enjoy the Saturday partner WODs because we get to change it up and have fun together with tire flips, sled pulls and other things we don’t typically do during the week.  

Goals for the Next Year?  Continue healing and rehabbing my knee so I’m better than ever. I also plan to continue staying consistent and improving my nutrition, and also improve with body weight movements.  I would LOVE to be able to do at least one strict pull up by next year!

How has CrossFit Impacted your Life?  CrossFit has impacted my life by introducing me to great people and being part of an amazingly supportive and fun community.  This strong community aspect is why I love being a member at CFB!  CrossFit has also impacted me by giving me a better overall relationship with health and fitness.  Prior to CrossFit, I used to fall into unhealthy diet patterns and did non-stop cardio, all with the singular intent to LOSE something… weight, inches, etc. It always ended up feeling like I was chasing an impossible ideal without ever really accomplishing anything.  While weight loss is still a goal to some degree, I never thought about the power that lies in gaining things, like strength or functional fitness, until I started CrossFit.