February’s Athlete Of The Month

Name:  Tami E. Wlajnitz, a.k.a. Tam-Tam

Age:  45 11/12, lol, holding on to 45 as long as I can

Occupation:  Program Manager, Business Development, Johns Hopkins HealthCare

Length of Time CrossFitting: Cumulative – two years but on and off since 2014.

Favorite Lift/Movement and Why?

I really don’t have a favorite – I like them all because every one of them challenges me and I like focusing on improving every one, every time.  I really don’t care nearly as much about the numbers as I do about getting the movements right—if I hit a PR—BONUS!  I am more certain about knowing what I hate to do – double unders…UGHHHH!

Favorite Workout/Type of Workout and Why?

My favorite workouts don’t have double unders and push me until I feel like I’m gonna pass out or throw up because that’s when I know I am pushing myself all the way to my limits.

Goals for the Next Year?

Get 25 double unders (please god let me get 25 double unders) and get my cardio aligned with my lifting.  I also want to be able to maintain my strict paleo lifestyle (w/cheats here and there) and be really lean/ripped (not skinny).

How has CrossFit Impacted your Life?  

I have always lived an active lifestyle and maintained some level of athleticism but nothing really structured.  Around the same time I was focusing my career around health care and completing my graduate degree, I felt I had responsibility to “walk the walk” if I was going to “talk the talk”.  I started with boot camps (that’s how I met Dominic), and committed myself to healthy behaviors.  My life changed dramatically, I moved a couple of times and with that I continued working out independently doing some strength training and a lot of cardio.  When CFB opened in 2014, I saw a post on FB of Lil’ Britt, who I had done boot camps with a few years earlier, and I was so inspired by how much she was lifting.  I reached out to Dominic and said, “sign me up”.  I am truly grateful to be a part of CFB and to have such amazing trainers.  During my hiatus in 2015, Dominic never stopped reaching out to me from time to time to check in and to see when I was coming back.  My commitment never wavered and now every day I get to enter the box, I am so grateful, truly appreciative for his and Tony’s commitment to me and everyone in the box.  I am also grateful for Ale, Cathy, and Raul too – what a great team.  All I can say every day is thank you!  Crossfitting has impacted my health, my career, my mental and physical well-being, created a community of new friends, and feeds my inner need for challenge and achievement.