January’s Athlete of the Month

Name:  Raul Cruz

Age:  35

Occupation:  Budget Analyst

Length of Time CrossFitting: 5.5 years

Favorite Lift/Movement and Why?

Anything that requires me to use my shoulders/arms. So, press/jerk/handstand pushups. I have to use these T-Rex arms to my advantage somehow. Let’s just face it, it’s not going to be wallballs =)

Favorite Workout/Type of Workout and Why?

Surprisingly… long, moderately heavy, grindy type workouts. These workouts for me are the absolute worst and have never been in my wheelhouse. However, through the years, I’ve seen a significant increase in work capacity when doing these type of workouts and try to integrate them as much as possible when working out on my own.

Goals for the Next Year?

Goals for the year are 1) lose some weight and 2) finally get that elusive muscle up and handstand walk. This is the year!!!

How has CrossFit Impacted your Life

If you don’t know by now, I love CrossFit. At first, it filled the void that competitive judo left after college. Now, it’s just a way of life. My day isn’t complete until I get my wod in first thing in the morning. This is the healthiest and fittest I’ve been since I was 21, and now that I am almost on the other side of my mid 30’s, I continue to strive to be even better.