December’s Athlete of the Month

Name:  Curtis Horning
Age:  41
Occupation:  JBM tent rentals / Taxi driver for Amish
Length of Time CrossFitting: 10 months (never get tired of it!)
Favorite Lift/Movement and Why?
Thruster or push press because I want to gain shoulder strength.
Favorite Workout/Type of Workout and Why?
It is hard to know which one is my most favorite but I have few to list.  Burpee, pull-up, push-up, dip and rope climb.  Burpees are an intense fully body exercise!   I Love partner WODs.
Goals for the Next Year?
Kipping and strict bar muscle up, kipping ring muscle up (no problem with strict) and handstand walk.
How has CrossFit Impacted your Life?
I used to focus on building my upper body strength until I started to attend CrossFit, then I started to work from the waist down.  I have greater motivation and benefit than Planet Fitness.  It keeps me young and fit at over 40 years old! Great coaches, friendly crossfitters and atmosphere!!