November Athlete Of The Month

Name:  Brandy Doyle

Age:  41

Occupation:  Insurance Producer

Years CrossFitting: 4 months

Favorite Lift and Why? Back Squat – From the start, I struggled with my squats. Every time I do back squats I can see and feel how much I have improved.

Favorite WOD and Why? I don’t have a favorite.  I like the challenge of them all.  They all make me push myself harder than I ever have before and I feel great after I’m done.  I’m hoping that one day that I don’t have to scale them to be able to complete them.

Goals for the Next Year?  Besides lose weight, I would like to continue to improve on my lifts, reach the top of the rope, do more than one double under in a row and get faster at burpees.

How has CrossFit Impacted your Life?  I came to CFB because I knew that if I wanted to be successful at losing weight, getting fit and healthy I would have to do something out of my comfort zone.  I needed a place where I knew no one, a place that I would show up every day because I wanted to be there. It started out as a struggle for me emotionally, physically and mentally but I wouldn’t change it.  I’ve met great people that push me, support me and teach me every day. They make every 6am workout worth it.  And I continue to feel and see myself growing as a person and getting stronger in every way.